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At themightyginge.com we are here to help applicants to obtain the finance they need. We have several different products and applicants whose credit history ranges between very good and very poor. Similarly we offer loans where applicants are able and prepared to offer collateral, secured loans, and loans that are unsecured either because the applicant prefers not to offer it or because there is nothing to offer

Whatever their needs it is important to stress that applicants will never be asked to hand over any money in advance of an application; fees will be applied to the principal sum and the interest payable to make a single figure, the figure to be repaid during the term of the loan, almost always in equal installments every month.

Typically a loan has a number of components and applicants should always know the following:
  • The principal sum being sought.
  • The APR, and what that represents in interest to be paid over the term of the loan.
  • The fees to be applied.
  • The total figure and the monthly installments loans due as a result.
  • The penalties for late payment.
  • The possible courses of action the lender will take in the event of default.
  • Any charges for early repayment.

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We stress there will never be any hidden extras but applicants must satisfy themselves by reading everything before signing up. We have open telephone lines and e mail to every applicant so that he or she can always contact us. We value our reputation for service and integrity.

The interest rates applied to each of the products varies and applicants need to look at their specific requirements. We contact members of our lender network based upon the information an applicant supplies. Our aim is to use lenders most suited to the applicant’s circumstances. The interest rate for someone with a poor credit score is likely to be slightly higher than the one applied to loans to applicants with an excellent credit score.

Current interest rates are low with indications that the Federal Reserve will not be increasing them significantly in the foreseeable future. We are confident that the rates available from our network of lenders are extremely competitive and the fees that will be applied likewise. We invite applicants to contact us to find out more and confirm that no one is under any obligation to proceed simply because they have discussed their requirements with us.

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