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There is still a hangover from the recession, even though unemployment figures are falling month by month. One of the problems has been that traditional lenders have been reluctant to take any risks having seen their liquidity under pressure since the days of Credit Debt Obligations (CDO) saw them take on board toxic debt that they ultimately had to write off. Ordinary people were hit hard with foreclosures and unemployment widespread. Their credit scores, a reflection of their credit history, were hit by any defaults. With traditional lenders paying loans and credit check with little risk or credit scores as a primary factor in deciding on loan applications, those in need of help with their finances struggled to find a sympathetic ear from such companies. Happily, they are just a part of the financial sector and we are happy to listen to applications for loans for bad credit ‘risks’ because we do not use the same criteria to make our decisions.

  • Free advice over a comprehensive range of financial products.
  • Personal loans, secured and unsecured.
  • Loans for bad credit clients without the need for a credit check.
  • Debt Consolidation Loans.
  • Short term and payday loans.
  • Reliable lenders best suited to your personal circumstances.
  • Absolute confidentiality from ourselves and our network of lenders.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Help for those with bad credit with the minimum of fuss.
  • Transparent terms and conditions with no hidden charges.

Income is the Key

We believe that those people that were helpless when faced with recession but who have recovered to find regular income are certainly worth our support. We want to know their present position and look at their ability to repay an installment loan in florida over its term. That does not place much weight on their credit score.
We have established a network of lenders that think as we do and have found them committed to service and to helping their applicants. It is essential that applicants are realistic in their requests; their income must be able to meet their regular monthly bills as well as the loan installment each month. If the sums add up, then in all likelihood an application will be approved and the funds will be available extremely quickly.


Installment loans florida are an excellent way for people who have financial problems to budget for the coming months. Such loans which will include the sum advanced, the total of interest payable together with any fees involved into a total figure which is divided into equal amounts spread over the months of the term. Our lenders may charge a slightly higher interest rate because of that credit score but the score will improve gradually as every installment is repaid by the due date.


It will cost you nothing to apply for an installment loan for bad credit in city like florida . The following features sum up what you will find:

  • A simple online application process with a sympathetic ear for those with the income to justify their application.
  • Immediate attention given to the application with approval given and the funds arriving in no time at all as long as the simple information required is provided.
  • No credit check.
  • Reliable lenders who have proved to us over time that they understand the importance of service and confidentiality.
  • Convenience; you can apply to suit yourself from the comfort of your own home.
  • Competitive rates.
  • There have been worrying times recently; there still is for many people who face financial problems and have yet to find any help. It is available and we are more than happy to guide you towards excellent lenders that specialize in loans for people in need of support. The whole basis of their operations is that many people were caught up in problems far beyond their personal control. They understand their obligations are determined to improve their futures given the chance. We are that chance and you have only to get in touch to discover that what we say is true.

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